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The Aqua Revival: How we recycle 850,000 liters of water every year !
The Aqua Revival, despite of being extremely simple, is a very unique and innovative way to address one of the major problems of the Haryana Region of India scarcity of water. And over the past three years has recycled over 2.5 Million liters of water. As our region is one of those which receives no more than 50 cm of rainfall in a year, making a lot of people suffer from water scarcity, this project has been a boon to many.

In this project we are recycling over 850,000 litres of waste swimming pool and RO Water every year, since the past three years.

In Eicher school, we have three large swimming pools (With different depths for different age groups) and usually in India, swimming pool water is just sent down the drain and is never recycled.

In homes and schools around the country, tap water is unfit for drinking and so RO systems are used to purify water, and a lot of discharge water is wasted in the process.

Because of the water scarcity in our state (annual rainfall of about 50 cm) and its extensive wastage, people are not able to fulfill their water needs from the water provided by the government and have to boar into the ground for water, which is pulled to the ground using a pump this causes a decrease in the water table and a considerable increase in the electricity consumption.

This internationally acclaimed project received a lot of help and support from the Central Water Commission, Government of India, along with appreciation by Volvo Adventure Awards, 2011.
Wake up Call - India
" We call upon the Ministry of Water Resources and the Hon. Dr. Saiffudin Soz to clean, rehabilitate and preserve, the sacred, vital yet highly polluted River Yamuna. "
The Wake Up Call is a peaceful, global action for positive change that took place on the 21st of February 2012 (21.2.12). It seeked to create simultaneous action in over 120 countries under the same message: “this is a Wake Up Call”

The Wake Up Call is a call from ordinary people all over the world to governments, corporations, communities and individuals. It aims to attract global attention towards the Wake Up Call message by involving a critical mass of people across the globe. It also aims to empower people who participate in the Wake Up Call to believe that through widespread collaborative global action, ordinary people can exercise meaningful power over important global decisions.

Imagine millions of people, all over the world, uniting under one goal, one idea, one statement, on the same day. Imagine a peaceful, collaborative movement for global change. Imagine governments, corporations, communities and individuals hearing one message:

"This is a WAKE UP CALL"

We used the strenght of this effort to call upon the Ministry of Water Resources and the Hon. Dr. Saiffudin Soz to clean, rehabilitate and preserve, the sacred, vital yet highly polluted River Yamuna.

This sacred Indian river, which is the only water source for over 57 million Delhities has been described as a putrid black ribbon of sludge.

Though this project received extensive media coverage and ellicted a response from the Ministry of Water Resources who swung into action, the state of the river is still not optimal.

Sign the petition and create on buzz of Facebook to help us get as many signatures as we can, calling for immediate addressal of the issue.

If you believe that it is high time that the Ministry of Water Resources should take significant and effective steps to clean, rehabilitate and preserve, the sacred, vital yet highly polluted River Yamuna, restoring the original river back to its people (lifeline of the 57 million people who depend on it), wildlife and ecology; Join us by sending a strong message to the Ministry of Water Resources, by signing this petition and making a huge difference.
Time to Change !
Aiming for a Plastic bag free Delhi:

We held rallies and demonstrations, and held parallel campaigns in Delhi, India and Nairobi, Kenya. Green the Gene achieved a tremendous amount of help and support from the shop owners, sales people, consumers, and even the government.

What we accomplished:

These efforts bore fruit and after days of relentless campaigning, petitioning, writing letters, here is an important Victory, due to the continued hard work of Green the Geners and volunteers across Haryana, India whose continuous hard work and efforts got the supermarket chain "SRS Value Bazaar" to put a complete stop on using plastic bags for groceries ! That is 19 stores not using plastic, but an innovative alternative.

These effort combined with constant lobbying of the government, petitions to the Chief Minister of Delhi resulted in this.

The Delhi Cabinet on Monday, 4th April,2011 approved a blanket ban on manufacture,sale,storage and usage of plastic bags under Section-5 of the Environment (Protection) Act,1986. Delhi Authorities, were instructed to strictly enforce this ban, applying to all plastic bags and those involved in their manufacturing and distribution.

In Nairobi, our campaigns also yielded a similarly excellent result, though we are still striving to achieve a complete ban on these by the government.
Life is Green Campaign: Gambia pledges to plant 1.5 million trees - 1 for Every Gambian Citizen
This ongoing campaign initiated in The Gambia, a west African country, by Green the Gene's representative Fatoumatta Bah encourages people to recycle things that we all tend to just throw away usually and along with that - plant trees.

Here, Green the Gene in collaboration with the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign has collected pledges for the planting of 1.5 million trees, 1 for every Gambian citizen.

The idea of planting trees is reaching out to the people along with support and encouragement of the Government of Gambia, a lot of the pledges have materialized and a lot more are happening.
Clean Up the World : Empower world citizens to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment !
Clean Up the World is a community based environmental program that inspires and empowers individuals and communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

Green the Gene, a staunch supported of Clean up the World, is an active member since 2009 and members from all over the world have been part of our cleaning up activities, especially Green the Geners from UAE lead by Kehkashan Basu at Green Hope.
Eco-School Korea : A movement to green university campuses
This project, started in South Korea, it is now a worldwide movement. It all started out in Seoul with going to the top universities of the country to organize quizes, surveys and workshops about their ideas of conservation, the state of the environment, and their role in sustainability. When we found out that they had some amazing ideas and a lot of potential which is never being used.

Putting their ideas and spirit of volunteering to use, we started Eco-School Korea - a project spearheaded by Kim Young Sun, it spread like wildfire to a lot of universities in all over Korea, whose students are now working to convert their campuses in eco-friendly ones, sparing no efforts in recycling, reusing, changing to energy effecient sources and better designs.

If you are a university (or school) student and would like to take up this project with your friends and start in your school, please feel free to Contact Us and get your starter kit today !!
World Environment Day WED 2013
Every year, Green the Gene holds mass action events and online competitions, discussions to celebrate World Environment Day in its true sense.

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day celebrations is Think.Eat.Save. Think.Eat.Save is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your foodprint.

While the planet is struggling to provide us with enough resources to sustain its 7 billion people (growing to 9 billion by 2050), FAO estimates that a third of global food production is either wasted or lost. Food waste is an enormous drain on natural resources and a contributor to negative environmental impacts.
Moving Planet - 24th September, 2011
Saturday 24th September, is partnering with dozens of organisations around the world, including Green the Gene, for a global day of action, Moving Planet. We're not literally moving to a new planet, but we are rallying to move the planet beyond fossil fuels.

We're doing that with people power - on bikes, skateboards or on feet, people will be rallying in the thousands - all carrying demands to our leaders to think about the next generation, not the next election, and implement solutions for a clean energy future.

It's part of our escalating efforts to unstick the planet from the political impasse and the globalised addiction to fossil fuels.
Immortal Rhythm : An Environmental Rhapsody
Immortal Rhythm - Green the Gene is an initiative, founded by a group of Youth with passion for music, and a will to help in solving social and environmental issues. We decided to combine the both and founded Immortal Rhythm. This initiative uses the power of music to create awareness and spread the message of peace, inter-community and inter-religion dialogues, discussion as a solution, importance of the environment and its conservation.

Immortal Rhythm has organized and performed at concerts all over the National Capital Region, India

Immortal Rhythm has leant its melodic sound to the environment with "War of the Bands" - a competition for environmentally sensitive musicians where they are given the opportunity to share their opinions on environmental issues through musical compositions.
Inspiration For Environmental Innovation : an array of environmentally themed competitions
Inspiration is an annual interschool event, hosted by Green the Gene in conjugation with Eicher School, Faridabad. Involving over 30 schools from all over the region, this coveted event, has an array of environmentally themed competitions focussing on sensitizating school students to understand the serious implications and impact of our daily routines and the simple things we can do to change all that.

The last edition of Inspiration, won by MVN School, Aravali Hills, Faridabad consisted of -
Making of an environmental working model that is a solution to a pressing environmental issue (Grade 11 -12)
A quiz to check your Environmental IQ (Grade 9-10)
Dressed up as Environmental issues and their solutions (Kindergarten)
Shanti Generation - a synchronized yoga display (Grade 7-8)
Enacting of advertisements to sensitize children about what they can do to green their routine (Grade 1-4)
A Dance Drama with a theme story for environmental conservation (Grade 4-6)
If your school is interested in participating in or hosting an edition of "Inspiration".